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Resources regarding music therapy have been provided below.

Australian Music Therapy Association


Australian Music Therapy Association Facebook page

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Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia

RMTs Change Lives & RMTs Change Lives Series

Music Therapy Assessment

Music Therapy Services

Services offered by Lake Macquarie music therapy are all delivered by qualified/registered music therapists. 

Individual, group and family sessions are services provided for all age ranges and all abilities.

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Assessments in music therapy are completed on a regular basis. This is to ensure the therapeutic approach and activities are best meeting the clients needs at all time. 

 During the initial appointment a standard assessment will be completed in an encouraging, fun and safe environment. This is to gather the appropriate information to best tailor your therapy sessions to meet your goals and personal needs.

During this first visit is an interactive and exploration session where the information gathered prior (by referral or client information survery) will be added into the fun and engaging assessment.

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